Randy Williams, General Manager (903) 938 5847

Autumn McPherson, Food Service Director (318) 218 1810


Mail:    P.O. Box 307, Scottsville, TX 75688

Physical Location: 400 Harkins Lane, Marshall, TX 75672

email:  scottsville.camp@gmail.com

fax: (903) 215 8471

Scottsville Camp and Conference Center

Volunteers February 2014

Hundreds of Volunteers, a lot of borrowed equipment and thousands of dollars have been contributed to Scottsville Camp and Conference Center through out its history.

Do you remember having services in this Tabernacle? The music and preaching were electrifying. The Spirit of God permeated the whole campground. Hundreds would come by horse and buggy and by train. What a joy we had coming to camp.
Some things have changed. The Tabernacle has been rebuilt. We now drive air-conditioned cars. All of the building on the campground are air-conditioned. The train no longer stops in Scottsville to let off passengers. However God has not changed. He is still ready to bless you, fill you with His presence and change you.

List of Projects

1. Complete Renovation of Cabin to become FC-4