Randy Williams, General Manager (903) 938 5847

Autumn McPherson, Food Service Director (318) 218 1810


Mail:    P.O. Box 307, Scottsville, TX 75688

Physical Location: 400 Harkins Lane, Marshall, TX 75672

email:  scottsville.camp@gmail.com

fax: (903) 215 8471

Scottsville Camp and Conference Center

Lodging Assignments

Cabins Number 7-35   (pdf)                                     

     Cabins Number 7-35 (Word)

 Lodge Style Cabins (pdf)

     Lodge Style Cabins (Word)

Halliburton Dorm (pdf)                                    

     Halliburton Dorm  Bed count per room (Word)

     Halliburton Dorm Diagram of Rooms (pdf)

Hamiter Lodge Assignments (pdf)                

     Hamiter Lodge Assignments (Word)

     Hamiter Lodge Diagram of Rooms and Building (pdf)    

Ingle Dorm (pdf)        

     Ingle Dorm 11-12-10 (Word)

Texas Christian Ashram Lodge Room Assignments (pdf)   

     Texas Christian Ashram Assignments (Word)

Williams Lodge Room Assignments   pdf    

   Williams Lodge Room Assignments   Word 

Campemento Familiar Hispano Nazarenop    PDF     Word