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COVID-19 Update

Good day to all,


As I sit here and write this letter to you I just wanted to assure us all it is indeed a good day.  The sun is shining and the birds are singing and pollen is still making everything in East Texas bright green and God is still on the throne!  It is a typical Spring here at Scottsville, with one exception … we do not have any visitors or groups booked due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I know that this news is not really news to anyone reading this message. 

I wanted to take some time to let everyone in our NETX Nazarene family and our SCCC family know how we are doing during this shutdown.  Here at SCCC we have had to furlough our hourly staff and are taking any measures to limit any and all expenditures during our hiatus from “business as usual”.  As you are aware, SCCC runs on our income from groups, camps, retreats and donations.  At this time almost 100% of our income has ceased.  Thusly, we have taken these steps to minimize all costs. 

Most general maintenance i.e. no cost maintenance can continue to occur here at SCCC and it is being taken care of by the management team and volunteer labor.  Having said this, we are always welcoming of any volunteers who want to come out and help with some of the various tasks that need to be done on any given day.  Some examples of these items are mowing, general landscaping, power washing, some painting, continued cleaning of facilities, minor construction, etc. 

We are beginning to see the fruits of the efforts of everyone who has helped SCCC in this new year.  We have had many, many tours with new clients and some of our recurring groups have seen the new improvements and have expressed their gladness to see a new look coming to SCCC.  However, the current crisis has put the brakes on any and all improvements that we were in the process of completing.  Listed below are some items that we are still in need of assistance with and/or some areas that need our attention.  If you feel so led to come and help with these projects or have the ability to donate monetarily to the completion of the work it is always appreciated and welcome. 

 If you would like to schedule a time to volunteer and perhaps bring a couple of workers to assist (keeping in mind the regulations set before us at this time) please contact the campground at (903) 938-5847 and we will schedule a time.  Also if you can contribute to SCCC and our current needs please send your donation to:

Scottsville Campground and Conference Center

PO Box 307

Scottsville, TX 75688

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for our campground.  Scottsville is indeed a place where lives are changed on a continuous basis for Jesus Christ and I know that with God’s guidance and your support we will continue to make strides for the Kingdom of Christ for many, many years to come.  Please continue to pray for the staff, the camp, and our board during this time of uncertainty. 


Thank you,


Gary Crabtree

Camp Manager SCCC



List of projects and needs: (in no particular order)


  1. Completion of repairs to the Nurse’s Cabin

  2. Removal of dead / diseased trees

  3. Painting of staff house

  4. Cabin 7 renovation

  5. Williams Lodge room #2 completion

  6. Cabin 10 flooring

  7. Ashram room #8 completion

  8. Multiple HVAC needs/issues (both central and in-window units)

  9. Tabernacle decluttering, both inside and out

  10. Cabin 5 siding

  11. Yocum siding

  12. Dining Hall men’s bathroom re-do


As you can see, we have plenty to do and multiple areas in which you can contribute.  If you see an item on the list and you want to help with labor and or finances, please call the campground at

(903) 938-5847 and let’s see what God can do through us at His campground.

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